A EMTA, TÜVKA and PAMT co-production.

richard the third is dead! long live richard the third!
And he does live. He lives on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper, in your facebook newsfeed and on the screen with the evening news. The world is in crisis. Maybe he really is crippled, deformed, twisted and vile but you root for him. You give him your vote. You want him to win.

The war has just ended. People are tired, mothers mourn their sons, fathers diss their cheating wives through hidden tears. Last of the fallen have not yet been buried, flowery meadows are now just mere puddles filled with blood. And then the new king gets sick.

So begins a battle for power.

But what is power? Is it in reality anything more than an illusion? How can one man take all others under his power? And how does power consume the one in power?

richard the third is dead! long live richard the third!


Jan Teevet //  Freda Purik  // Karolin Tamm  // Maria Elisaveta Roosalu // Kirill Havanski // Oliver Issak // Ene Järvis  // Steffi Pähn  // Ingrid Margus // Joosep Uus  // Johannes Richard Sepping // Ursel Tilk // Margit Kajak  // Harri Ausmaa  // Grete Nellis

PREMIERE 10.03.2018