PAIDE TEATER’s christmas performance combines old estonian christmas folklore and the world of children living today. Where do jõulusokk and pokemon meet and what can they learn from each other? The cast offers all members of the audience, children and adults alike, a chance to take part in the vibrant world on christmas traditions. Feel the sweet smell of straw and try to guess how many nuts tõnn or tönk is holding.

“THE STRAW MAN” is a perfomance created by the cast that merges folklore and the world of modern children into one cohesent and playful synthesis. The performance merges texts with live music, dances and games that take the children on a playful journey. Every show is different because the cast gives the audience a chance to interfer and play along.

Our goal is simple- give the young viewer the best theatre experience possible.

appropriate age 6-12
runtime 45 min 

PREMIERE 08.12.2018

CAST johannes richard sepping // ursel tilk // joosep uus // kirill havanski
DIRECTOR jan teevet
produCER harri ausmaa